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Ostendo Software Overview

Flexible and Easy to Use

Ostendo software is a flexible, easy to use job-costing software package that gives immediate feedback to the user on how the job costing is progressing. Ostendo software alerts the user if job costing is exceeding the budget costs, or if the job is late.

Real-Time Job Costing
Ostendo software allows you to obtain real-time job costing information. Jobs can be linked to a specific project which then allows for updated real-time project costing. The project costing information allows for the tracking of budget versus actual project costing, alerting the user if planned vs actual costs are over budget.

Factory Link Drawings to Documents
Ostendo software can link drawings to a job sheet, quotation, invoice, project, purchase order and sales order. The drawings and images can be added as bmp, jpg, ico, wmf, and emf formats.

Manage Warranties
Sales and service warranties in Ostendo software are easily managed. Warranties can be linked to any item sold as well as any services rendered.These warranties can be automatically created and linked to customer assets with an expiry date. Warranty information is easily accessible for use in any dispute.

Manage Inventory
Ostendo software allows full control and management of inventory and inventory movements. Inventory replenishment can be controlled via re-order levels, MRP and forecasting tools. Inventory costing can be updated using last cost or average cost.

Manage Supplier Catalogues
Supplier catalogues can be imported into Ostendo software thus providing flexibility of not having to store these items in inventory. Catalogue items are available for job and sales order creation. When a catalogue item is selected a requirement to purchase the item is automatically generated.

Ostendo software allows the user to create and maintain descriptors. Descriptors can represent anything that you wish to invoice that is not an inventoried item such as buyouts, travel, accommodation, labour and contract services.

Labour Timesheet Recording
Labour recording can be done easily in Ostendo software by using timesheets. The timesheets can be entered into the system or imported in from spreadsheets. The timesheet entries will automatically be recorded onto each job with immediate updating of the job costing. Timesheet data entered can be exported into payroll systems.

Call Center Functionality
In Ostendo software there is a call center functionality which allows the creation and maintenance of customer and prospect calls. Actions can be logged and tracked through to closure. The call center can be linked to service level agreements and response times measured. The users can be alerted if actions are overdue, tickets not closed off or followed up within a set period of time.

Drawing Create and Manage Assemblies
Assembly orders can be created in Ostendo software using BOM which can be modified to accommodate variations from job to job. The BOM quantities are automatically multiplied by the quantity of items to be assembled. Inventory replenishment will create suggested assembly orders from sales order or job demand. The BOM allows the entry of multiple tasks or steps accommodating scrap, labour and machine routing. By-products and co-products of the BOM can be recorded. Multi level BOM's (sub-assemblies)can be created and viewed. Planned and actual costing as well as work in progress valuations are immediately visible to the user.

Service and Repair Functionality
Ostendo software has a very comprehensive service and repair functionality. Customer assets can be recorded against service plans. Service schedules are automatically created and service confirmations and reminders can be sent. Full service history is maintained as well as warranty information. Scheduled service orders can be automatically converted into jobs where job costing and labour timesheet entry can be recorded.

Manage Freight Charges
In Ostendo software the user is able to link freight charges to purchased shipments as well as sales order deliveries. Purchase Order values and freight (shipment) charges can be used to determine a landed cost value for items. These charges can be distributed to all items on the shipment.

Create Purchase Orders
Ostendo software allows the user to create stand alone purchase orders. A Purchase Order can be created from a job, which automatically links the job and the purchase order. Suggested purchase orders are created if inventory replenishment (MRP) is used.

Ostendo software has numerous standard reports and documents which are customisable. There are also analysis views that allow "slice and dice" investigation for user enquiries. All views and reports can be printed, emailed, and exported as xls, html, xml, and csv files. Reports can also be viewed in chart or pivot format.

Manage Quotations and Orders
Ostendo software offers a full sales quotation and sales order functionality, with the ability to enter kit sets and catalogue items. Sales orders can be setup as counter sales or delivery orders with the functionality to add freight charges. Sales order discounts can be given for a complete order or individual discounts can be given at each line level. Sales warranties can be linked to sales orders. There is a full sales pricing and discount matrix that can be done by customer, customer type (e.g. wholesale, retail) and at product category level. Promotional pricing is also available.

In Ostendo software quotations and estimates are easy. Quotations can be done for jobs and sales orders. There is a variety of quotation styles that may be chosen by the user such as formal or letter. Quotes that are not converted to jobs or orders can be linked to multiple reason codes and thus lost business can be analysed accordingly. If required, a quotation cannot be converted to a sales order or job unless a customer purchase order is entered. A quotation is converted to a job with the same identifying number as the origional quotation for easy reference. If a new customer requires a job that may have already been done, the system allows the user to copy that job and add or delete certain items if required.

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